“Young Girl” Karli Ryan Reintroduces Herself After ‘American Idol’ Appearance

Karli Ryan is fine with being the “young girl” of country music. After an untimely end on American Idol, the teen songstress didn’t wallow; she used it as a time of growth. While some might have seen a door being closed, Ryan saw an open window, with a perfect view of the country music career she was born to pursue. It is with that spirit that Karli Ryan prepares to release her April 9 single “Young Girl”— available now for pre-order/pre-save.
“This song is for every time I have ever been told ‘no’,” Ryan states, “It’s for the times I’ve been told that timing is everything and I’m just ‘too young.’ The support I’ve been shown has made me realize that being ‘too young’ isn’t a disadvantage, it’s a reminder that I have the rest of my life to get to where I want to be. I think ‘Young Girl’ is a great place to start.”
In 2019 with hopes of advancing to Hollywood on Season 17 of American Idol, Karli Ryan stood before judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, where she performed her original song “Gimmie Back My Heart.”
Despite an unwavering ‘yes’ from country music megastar Luke Bryan, both Perry and Richie admitted they saw potential, but not enough to throw their support behind Karli Ryan for the show’s current season. However, the journey didn’t end there; when Ryan’s audition later aired in front of millions of viewers, fans and critics of American Idol alike rallied behind the girl who Luke Bryan himself bet on.
Now, working alongside Grammy and Emmy award-winning recording engineer, mixer and producer Jamie Tate, Karli Ryan is entering the next stage of her artistry with a handcrafted sound that’s hers and hers alone.
Karli Ryan’s upcoming single “Young Girl” is available for pre-sale now and will impact all digital platforms on Friday, April 9. For more, visit karliryan.com and connect with @karliryanmusic on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.