Yaprak “In The Dark”

Yaprak is an independent singer, songwriter and dancer.

She was born in Istanbul and she currently lives in Dubai. She graduated from Nigde University as an honor student ranked 3rd in Geological Engineering. She is very passionate about music.

She plays acoustic guitar, and she likes to write more experimental music. What differentiates her is her authentic style. Her character is unique as her music style that combines different cultures as well as different genres.

She recently released her new single “In the Dark”. It’s an authentic rock song which includes Irish tunes that is
written and composed by Yaprak and produced/mixed by Shane McDonald.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Yaprak
Song Title: In The Dark
Publishing: Yaprak
Publishing Affiliation: Other
Album Title: In The Dark
Record Label: Yaprak

Record Label:
Yaprak Guvener