Wwoman Drops Bedroom Pop Track, “EA2020”

Wwoman is a one-man band, comprised of the multi-faceted musician and artist, g smee. He explained the reasoning behind the eye-catching title, saying, “It’s a remake of the first track I ever recorded, ‘EA2020’ is a redemption track. A therapist once told me my problem is that I can’t settle for good when better exists.” wwoman is an artist that struggles with an obsessive-compulsive disorder on a daily basis. Instead of letting this debilitate him, wwoman uses music and other forms of artwork as an outlet. “I have come to appreciate and be able to channel my obsession back towards creation,” he said. And create he does. Mixed and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer, Greg Calbi (Tame Impala, Bon Iver) the track is an effervescent sedative; simultaneously soothing and energetic. The intro meanders itself into existence with a sequence of arpeggiated video game synthesizers. Trap drums and whimsically pure vocals give the track an infectious vibe. wwoman uses this soundscape to tell a story about the obsessive need to be able to please a lover. His compulsion has branched out into multiple areas of his life; from obsessively cleaning himself and his surroundings, to locking himself away to work on his art for months on end.

wwoman is an enigma; only known by the artwork he releases. wwoman’s dedication to his art is evidenced by his music streams which are now well into the millions and his music videos on YouTube that have amassed almost 50K views.

“EA2020” subverts expectations and utilizes an unconventional creative process to create a track with mass appeal outside the mainstream. wwoman has something new and refreshing to offer to audiences, and they are ready to listen. You can keep up with wwoman’s latest on his website,  Realwwoman.com.