ViennaCC “Twenty Four Seven Love”

“Twenty Four Seven Love” will be featured on radio stations around the world. And the music video to this song will be presented on AppleTV, AmazonTV and Roku.

ViennaCC recorded the songs in his studio “DOVUM Studios Vienna,” where he also produced the music videos. The songs are published via his own music label “ATI24.”

The song “Twenty Four Seven Love” is a pop song expressing the longing for never-ending love.

ViennaCC: “Wouldn’t it be so pleasant to feel love all day? This thought inspired me to the song ‘Twenty Four Seven Love.’ With ‘Twenty Four Seven Love,’ I wanted to make a song with the simple message ‘I love you,’ but I wanted to express it in a alternate way. I like simple messages. Sure long ballads like ‘Tough Times’ with a sophisticated message are interesting to work out. But songs to dance to or sing along with should have a message for easy listening.”

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: ViennaCC
Song Title: Twenty Four Seven Love
Publishing: Heinz Riemer Music
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: Twenty Four Seven Love
Record Label: Heinz Riemer Music

Record Label:
Heinz Riemer
Heinz Riemer
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