Tr3y Tr3y “In The Process”

Robert Willis III aka Tr3y Tr3y is the one who rejected family norms; by refusing college and the Navy, to pursue his own dreams of becoming an internationally known hip-hop artist. Inspired by the movie 8 mile, Tr3y Tr3y knew at a young age that hip hop was something he was born to do. He is the underdog, the guy next door, the average man trying to make it. He tells this story in his music by relating to ordinary people and not pretending to be something he’s not. Tr3y Tr3y’s sound which he defines as real and relatable throwback vibes; comes from an era of the 90’s when music was raw and authentic. “I grew up on 90s Hip-Hop so that sound influences my music and delivery heavily. I have been compared to artists such as Common, Nas, and Andr 3000. I aim to be relatable with my music, talking about topics and issues that people from all walks of life will understand.” Tr3y Tr3y has had his share of ups and downs while seeking whom to trust in the music industry. Tr3y’s music represents the quiet before the storm. It encompasses that peaceful energy which makes you want to sit back and vibe. After vibing with Tr3y’s music, you’ll come away feeling like you’ve stepped back into the romanticized era of the 90’s where life felt honest and carefree. He’s inviting you to walk his journey; so relax your mind and unwind, sit back and chill with your new friend Tr3y Tr3y.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Tr3y Tr3y
Song Title: In The Process
Publishing: Trey Willis Music
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: In The Process
Record Label: NRP

Record Label:
Fortunate Music
Trey Willis
Radio Promotion:
Lawrence A Weir