Toni Land “Frankenstein”

Across the span of six albums (including her latest release – Its Good) Toni Land, a Pacific Northwest singer-songwriter has revealed her humanity to us. Stories from a real person on a real journey of truth-telling and soul-searching.

From her roots listening to the rock and pop of the 70s, and through playing with her first bands in the 80s, she was suddenly taken in the 1990s by the sounds of acoustic guitars and acoustic instruments. That sound then became the heart of her music. Though she’s never been a traditional folk or country singer (her lyrics and attitude never really jibed with those genres), her music draws on and mixes those influences with a lifetime of others to create a unique sound – call it Toni music. She has been described as surefooted in her travels between country and folk and has earned comparisons to Sheryl Crow, Shawn Colvin and Lucinda Williams.

For over twenty years and until his passing in 2016, Toni worked with legendary Northwest producer/music director, Tim Ellis, together creating some of Toni’s best known work (What the Heart Knows, Lucky Cat, Deep in Diamonds and Chocolate Cake for Breakfast). Recently she teamed up with multi-talented producer/engineer, Jim Walker to record what became her brand new EP, Its Good.

Toni has earned a reputation for her dynamic crowd-wowing live performances. She has played return engagements at many of the West Coasts largest festivals, including the California Avocado Festival in Santa Barbara, North by Northwest and Oregon’s Bite of Portland. Toni is a woman who can straddle the intimate, acoustic songster and dynamic full throttle performer like few can do.

As a stellar songwriter, she has earned publishing and production deals throughout her career. Her first single, Have You Ever Seen Your Real Love, landed on the Top 40 Adult/Contemporary Chart and earned Land a national distribution deal. From then on, radio stations have played her music all over the world. She was voted in the Top Ten Artists poll by Radio 98.6 listeners in Berlin. Her song, Good For Me made it to the #4 position on on their Triple A Chart. Land has been awarded Best Songwriter by the International Acoustic Music Awards as well as the Portland Songwriter Association.

Toni has a Masters Degree and works as a children’s speech pathologist and has a certification as an Autism Specialist. She began incorporating music more and more into her love of working with kids, and has now merged the two into a very creative and satisfying work life. OMG, kids LOVE music! Says Toni. She has been a performance consultant to corporations, community theater groups and public schools as well as the creator of The Miracle of Performance” and “Stagework” workshops.

Lucky for us, Toni’s beautiful search continues.

“Toni Land-I love her! I’ve been playing her and playing her and then I’ve been playing her some more.” -Mathew Richards, KTIL

“Land’s music is inspiring, strong, consistently dynamic. It ranks right up there with the best in the business -Jan Best, Editor of Independent Songwriter Web-Magazine.

Fresh, vivacious and slightly irreverent -Rick Teverbaugh of The Herald Bulletin

Eclectic, funny, moving, and thoughtful, with a lovingly wicked slant by Wayne Richards, former President of the Portland Songwriters Association.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Toni Land
Song Title: Frankenstein
Publishing: Toni Land
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Publishing Affiliation 2: BMI
Album Title: It’s Good
Record Label: Stagework Music

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