They Got The Music: David Longoria’s remake celebrates happy lyrics of original

When Producer and Artist David Longoria suggested a remake of the 1970s Kiki Dee classic “I Got The Music In Me” to April Diamond, she responded with one word: “Perfect!” That’s how it began, and the results continue to keep radio and streaming lifting up music with energetic dance music fun.
April Diamond

A post college experience touring the US and Europe singing left April with a joyful exuberance about music’s effects on the soul. “Everywhere we share music, it brings smiles and uplifts spirits”, she says, adding “anytime I can make people feel good from the music is a great opportunity for me to express my art.”

Both artists had been performing in the South of France in a stylish nightclub when the energetic, pumping dance music reminded them of the effect the music had on the audience. April immediately thought this might be a chance to bring the Powerhouse Choir in to help tell the story. The group is based in Burbank, California where director Branden Jennings encourages the elite group of high schoolers to do things as big and as confidently as it can be done. He’s been directing the choirs for John Burroughs High School for more than a dozen years. He has brought home trophies from points all over America and his innovative combination of singing, dancing and choreography has made show choirs a popular scene everywhere, even inspiring the movie and tv show Glee. So adding the show choir to the new April Diamond song was an easy decision for him to make.

“I always look for opportunities to give the students some real world experience as they learn to perform at a world class level”, Mr. Jennings explains. “April came with this rare idea and we jumped at the chance to make a bit of history together”.

Powerhouse’ theatrical performances are known throughout the show choir circles. As a group, hundreds of choirs look to emulate their level of excellence. If there was a song that encapsulates their program, it would be “I Got The Music In Me”.

The remake single celebrates the happy lyrics of the original.

David’s demo track added the melodies and solo on his trumpet and although his original intention was to replace those with electronica synthesizers, as the production grew, everyone was drawn to the organic quality of the soulful instrumental performance. “I put my trumpet on the song to act as a place holder until we recorded the vocals abut when we were done, it just fit so well we decided to keep it”, he says, adding, “we had such a good time making the music video with the kids and April, and now we are performing the song all over.”

David Longoria

Both David and April have enjoyed many successes on the dance music charts in recent years before the worldwide shutdowns. April’s iconic dance hit “Lose Control” introduced her to the audiences in the dance club scene across the US. David’s songs “Playground” (will Dallas Lovato), “Deeper Love” (With Cece Peniston) and “Zoon Baloomba” have become recurring songs on playlists everywhere.

This unique combination of April’s voice with David’s trumpet and the energetic, youthful fun of the Powerhouse Choir has made a historic sound that’s heating up dance floors and radio waves from coast to coast. This year the team are bringing live performances of the song to concerts and repeat shows in Las Vegas.