Southpaw “Whiskey And Whine”

Southpaw is an original country music trio with a distinctive North-meets-South vibe. Their debut album “Unhitched” reached #3 on Amazon’s Hot Country Releases chart in 2021 and has gotten AirPlay around the globe. Southpaw’s song “Shake (What My Momma Gave Me)” is featured in an episode of the Audible series “MiddleSpace.”

“Whiskey and Whine” is Southpaw’s latest release, dropping globally July 1, 2022, and it’s sure to be the country jam of the summer.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Southpaw
Song Title: Whiskey And Whine
Publishing: Squack Publishing
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Whiskey And Whine
Record Label: Southpaw

Record Label:
County Union Records
Sean Garnhart
(908) 400-2192
Booking Agent:
Branded Music Group
Jonathan Kumfert
(609) 647-8666