Andrew Reed & The Liberation “Too Little Too Late”

This is a guy that has gone as DEEP as possible into the experience of LIFE, often isolating himself from society in a rustic cabin surrounded by 13,000 acres of wilderness, to find out for himself, “What’s it all about?” without the influences or hypnotism of a “made up” world, observing Nature and making common cause WITH ITand the way life ACTUALLY works on this planet. Dubbed a “rock mystic” by the Indie press after multiple Billboard and other charting releases, Reed actually lives “liberation” and those in his presence “feel” this Zen or “Unfazed” approach to life. A nonconformist and misunderstood by most, he combines music with intellect in an artistry that flies in the face of the traditional music business world. With him, it is ALL about the artand nothing else. Expressing what cannot be said or communicated any other way.

His interviews with press usually leave them confounded, but also inspired. He changes style from one album to the next, and even sees far enough in advance to create, not just a single albums, but album “trilogies.” He will often move on from a budding success before the full commercial potential of a musical direction can be realized, which is scandalous in the music business. He has been known to pull down his entire catalog, like after his Universal Music/INgrooves deal or to further explore material. His live performances are intermittent, but are EPIC and unpredictable, where one doesn’t know what is going to happen. According to Reed, “ROCK was never meant to be pretty, or an over-rehearsed commercial production, but desperate, bombastic and scandalouswhere it could go off the rails at any moment You have to feel like you could throw your life away in the moment”

But despite these idiosyncrasies, his work in music & intellectual domains have impact. Not many artists, have the guts to pull all their music downto pursue a particular artistic vision or attainment But that’s the kind of person Andrew is One that can’t be bought or sold. It is all about the musicand one gets that he is literally throwing his life away on itwith a confidence that is inspirational.

Reed writes not just “concept albums” but “Trilogies” that represent “significant and coherent” bodies of work with unifying sonic themes throughout each trilogy. With musicality pouring out of him, this super guitarist can move from acoustic-oriented to far-out psychedelic rock.
Through a “vision” after the catastrophic loss of his son, Reed built a 3 story-mountaintop, World-Class recording studio and compound where he “isolates” and has ventured into bold new recording territory, recording the first of a series of Trilogy albums, 1) As a Bird of the Air 2) As a Lily of the Field 3) As Grass in the Furnace by saturating analog tape running 3x (times) normal speed, capturing performances at the time of inspiration using vintage gear. Also, because of the respect he has gained in the science and health-science communities, especially in the research of consciousness, Reed as incorporated proprietary consciousness-altering technologies into many of his works as well as into the recording process like Monroe Sound Science.

“What’s it all about?” Reed’s work serves to help all perhaps create a visionto be completely “liberated” within ourselvesand to live “Guiltless Lives” of complete Self-Acceptance on an odyssey or oscillation of ups and downs, but with an overall momentum UP!

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Artist Name: Andrew Reed & The Liberation
Song Title: Too Little Too Late
Publishing: Artists International Broadcasting
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: As A Bird Of The Air
Record Label: Artists Intl/WorldSound

Record Label:
Artists Intl/WorldSound
Andrew Reed
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