Zola Simone Teams Up with STL GLD for Extraordinary New Single, “Sideways”

Singer-songwriter Zola Simone has just released her single, “Sideways.” With strong beats and an effervescent rhythm, in “Sideways” Simone reflects on the current state of the world “…and my experience of it, particularly as a teenager in America.” This is her final single before the release of her forthcoming album, Now You See Me, which will be celebrated with an album release show on August 20th, in Cambridge, MA at the acclaimed venue, The Middle East. “Sideways” is available to stream and download on digital platforms worldwide. 

The lively mix of a catchy melody alongside poignant lyrics make up this anthemic single about the flaws of many societal structures. “I snuck a lot of different references to current events and societal problems into the lyrics, such as the pandemic, school shootings, and police brutality, all things which have been on my mind a lot this year,” says Zola Simone. The potent pop melody paired with a saxophone played by STL GLD’s Tim Hall, brings light to the traumatic memories of the past year in a subtle yet remarkable way. Written by Simone, the song also features the rest of STL GLD band members; with vocals by Moe Pope, guitar and synth by The Arcitype, background vocals by Christopher Talken and Jonathan Ulman on drums. The track, also produced by The Arcitype, “is one of the few collaborations on the album, and it came together really seamlessly with the guys in STL GLD,” describes Simone. From the pop harmonies to the extensive lyricism, “Sideways” is a track anyone can vibe to while simultaneously understanding and appreciating its message. “Sideways” ultimately unmasks the real-life events of the past year in a celebrated way that opens up difficult conversations. The single is now on digital music platforms worldwide.

Since writing her first song when she was only 12 years old, Zola Simone has only improved her style and writing abilities — mastering her craft. Her music has been her coping method for her struggles with anxiety and bullying, and she’s no stranger to judgment as an LGBTQ+ woman. With a steady flow of releases, Simone continues to prove she’s a contender amongst her contemporaries. Her song “Easy,” made such an impression that it was featured on the hit Netflix series, Atypical, in the series finale, which aired July 9, 2021.

To keep up with Zola Simone’s musical journey, follow her on Instagram @theofficialzola, and keep an eye out for her release show in Cambridge, MA at The Middle East, on August 20th.