Pop Artist Rhian! Releases Holiday Anthem ‘Be My Baby This Christmas’

Pop artist Rhian! is due to release his holiday single ‘Be My Baby This Christmas’ on 25th November 2022. The track follows his highly successful debut single “I Need Your Love” released this June which peaked at number 21 on the UK iTunes Pop Chart. The singer is the two-time silver medalist at the World Championships of Performing Arts in California and played at 12 sold-out shows in Shanghai in 2019. Produced by Rhian! in collaboration with Massimo Braghieri and recorded at Intonoise Studio in London, ‘Be My Baby This Christmas’ is 2022’s freshest holiday anthem, equipped with sleigh bells and shakers and boasting catchy and memorable lyrics that will get you straight into the Christmas spirit.

‘Be My Baby This Christmas’ delivers the warm feeling of the holiday season with soft and soulful lyrics accompanied by a choir of carol singers and a fittingly festive official music video. Having just finished another song earlier this year, a surprise door bell and a surge of creativity made him get into an early Christmas mood. With this track, Rhian! draws on a classic and nostalgic sound, reminiscent of Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” in order to create a go-to holiday anthem for years to come.

Originally born in Trinidad, Rhian! Started his journey at the age of 4, singing in a church choir of which his father was the pastor, and faced the challenges of concealing his sexuality in his early years. By his teens, he made London his home obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Performance and Production from the London Center of Contemporary Music and joining gospel group Souls of Prophecy before landing performances at a wide variety of venues in London and other parts of the UK creating his signature blend of Motown inspired vocals and exuberant style to audiences.

Inspired by pop legends such as Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson and Prince, Rhian! is ready to deliver a fun, warm and exciting Christmas song that brings in the excitement of the holiday season.