Nathan Carruth Band “Raindrops Of Grace”

Nathan Carruth is a lifelong artist, musician, song writer and performer. Hailing from West Texas, Nathan grew up using his talents in Church specials and youth group but as he grew older he gave into the world and its desires and started a secular band, dreaming of the lime light.

Nathan married at a young age and had three children, two girls and a boy. Nathan began drinking alcohol and doing drugs but always knew the Lord had something better planned. With the short term success of the band, Nathan found himself being on worship teams at almost every church he attended. As he struggled through his addictions and the scars of growing up in an abusive and broken home and ultimately an unwanted divorce he didn’t see God’s plan for his life.

But God’s Love and Grace kept pursing him. In his despair he cried out to the Lord and The Lord brought him a wife and marriage and restored the relationship with his children and started putting the songs of his debut album together. Jesus would minister to him and with each step of deliverance and the Love and Grace that Nate felt, he was given song after song.

Nate shared each song with his family, friends, and Church and now with five years of deliverance, he has served his Church, Released Free and recorded an album that reflects The Grace of God through his life. Nathan Carruth presents Raindrops of Grace and prays that as you listen to these anointed songs that you too will experience the same Raindrops of Grace, be encouraged, delivered and come to know Jesus, His Love and Salvation.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Nathan Carruth Band
Song Title: Raindrops Of Grace
Publishing: Nathan Carruth
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Raindrops Of Grace
Record Label: Groove House Music Group

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