Eva Grace Releases Alt-Pop Confessional “still cry sometimes”

Like diary entries in musical genius, Eva Grace details relentless retrospection and emotional turmoil in her haunting new single, still cry sometimes.” Mournful words lifted from tear-soaked pages are immersed in melodic euphoria and alt-pop beats to form this eerily relatable track.

“This song is about the feeling of being with a person who was never there for you in the way you needed,” says the alt-pop expressionist. “Whether they’re out of your life or not, it’s okay to still feel betrayed by this person. The lingering emotions of past pain are valid, but that doesn’t make them any less painful.”

Eva Grace’s velvety vocals and electro-pop production create a mystical yet mainstream track that solidifies her status as a pop-essential. After all, DMÜ described the inexplicable entertainer as “one of the most promising alt-pop artists around.”

“still cry sometimes” is available now on all streaming platforms. For more on Eva Grace and to listen to her already released tracks, follow her on social media @imevagrace and subscribe to her YouTube channel.