Izzy Mahoubi “Letting Go”

Izzy Mahoubi

“Letting Go”

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Publishing: Isabelle Fallon Mahoubi
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Letting Go
Record Label: Arrow Music Agency

Sixteen year old singer and songwriter Izzy Mahoubi (Izzy) already knows that music is what she has to do for the rest of her life. Making music is the best way for her to make sense of life, whether it be writing a song, recording in the studio, or performing live. Its important to Izzy that her songs are honest, because shes trying to remind people that its okay to be different and express themselves. Ultimately, her goal is to create songs her fans can relate to in hopes that they won’t have to feel like theyre going through life alone.

Izzy remains excited to see what her future holds. She is signed with elite US based management company, Arrow Music Agency. Arrow is headed by Chris Sobonya (President), and represents a diverse roster of artists from around the globe.

Record Label:

Arrow Music Agency

Chris Sobonya

(425) 269-0785


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Loggins Promotion

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