Playin’ Possum By Nancy Jones Reveals Never Before-Released Insights About The Thirty-Plus Years She Spent With Country Music Icon George Jones

“Stand By Your Man” may have been written by Tammy Wynette, but it was Nancy Jones who stood by George Jones for more than 30 years and helped save his life from cocaine addiction, alcoholism, and other abusive and self-destructive behaviors.

In Playin’ Possum: My Memories of George Jones, readers get an intimate look at country music legend George Jones through the eyes of his wife of thirty years.

Ask anyone who knows country music, “Who was the GOAT—the greatest of all time?” and the answers will inevitably lead to George Jones. Millions of people know the name of the iconic country music artist, George Jones, but few people know that behind the man and his golden voice was a strong, feisty woman who not only saved his life from cocaine addiction, alcoholism, and other abusive and self-destructive behaviors, but also was instrumental in saving his soul.

Legends, half-truths, and downright lies abound about the iconic singer, but what secrets do people not know about him? What was it like to live with him through the darkest shadows and in the brightest of lights? Married for more than thirty years to the greatest country music singer who ever lived, the man Frank Sinatra had whimsically referred to as “the second-greatest singer in America,” Nancy Jones knew George Jones better than anyone else on earth—the good George and the bad George, the horrendous, and the hilarious.

George and Nancy married on March 4, 1983, and with her help and encouragement, he quit his wild and wicked ways—for a while. Nancy soon learned, however, that the demons held a strong grip on the man she loved, and they were not about to release him without a fight. But Nancy Jones is a tenacious fighter, and most people who knew “the Possum,” credit Nancy with saving his life and rebuilding his career.

For the first time, in Playin’ Possum, Nancy Jones reveals the true “insider” perspectives and little-known poignant and as well as humorous stories about the country music icon—his battles with cocaine, alcohol, abusive behavior toward her and others, his battles with himself, and most of all, his battles against the demons that sought to control him and ultimately destroy him. Nancy knew there was a good man inside George Jones, and she felt strongly that God had given her the assignment to help him, even if he hurt her.

She refused to give up on Jones. Nancy Jones stood by George and helped bring him to the Light. Together, they brought joy and light to millions of people.

Behind the man with the golden voice was a strong, feisty woman who provides the reader with an “all access” pass to their tumultuous life together – the hilarious and the horrendous. She refused to give up on him, and she felt strongly that there was a good man inside George even if he hurt her. Her love for “the Possum” underlies every page and her account of the power to transform his life is a message we all need.

PLAYIN’ POSSUM: My Memories of George Jones will be published on September 12, 2023, George’s birthday. To pre-order, visit

Publisher: Forefront Books
Distributor: Simon & Schuster
Length: 304 pages
ISBN-13: 9781637632222
ISBN-10: 1637632223