Kayla Thompson Reminisces On “The Remains” Of A Withered Romance In Lush New Single

Singer songwriter Kayla Thompson delivers an ethereal performance on her latest single, “The Remains,” out now. This single is her first release since gracing fans with “Younger,” which recently landed Thompson a major playlist placement on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Pop playlist. At its core, “The Remains” captures the inner conflict of making the right choice even when it is painful; this single reminisces on a summer romance that came to a heart-wrenching end with the shift of the seasons. Thompson effortlessly turns pain into beauty on this track with her honeyed, warm-toned vocals that shine brightly atop intricate instrumentation. Her voice entrances listeners with delicate finesse and a somber delivery that serves as a taste of what’s to come as she embraces her authentic alt-pop sound, and delivers music that is unapologetically her. Listeners can expect to hear influence from artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Clairo and Tori Kelly on “The Remains.”
Thompson co-wrote the single with her friend and colleague Solomon Headen, and the two began the idea as an acoustic ballad. From there, Thompson took influence from Phoebe Bridgers when building out the production and developing the sound of the project. This led her to incorporate lush, stacked vocals that bring a mesmerizing warmth to the record. Thompson then revisited the track with a second round of production to lift the record’s energy with a textured beat. This project came together in collaboration with Isaia Huron (producer) and Nashville based producer Carrie K.. Thompson also has plans for a visualizer lyric video in the works for “The Remains” that fans can anticipate following the single’s release. This track is for anyone who’s ever had to say a difficult goodbye; it is a chance to get lost in the music and embrace moving on from heartbreak.

Twenty-six-year old Kayla Thompson was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and later moved to North Carolina where she currently lives with her family. Being raised in generations of singers, songwriters, and musicians, music was always a fundamental building block of her life. In 2015, she recognized her inherited gift of songwriting and shortly after decided to defer from college to pursue music full-time. She began putting out covers on her YouTube channel and Instagram page where she gained more traction.

In 2017, she released her first original song, ‘Hold on to My Hand’, and in 2019, she became the most vulnerable she’s ever been in her music, releasing ‘Deep Breath’—a piece sharing her personal struggle and triumph over anxiety. With each release since her sound has evolved along with her growing fanbase. This remains true for her latest single ‘Younger’ which gained more streams than any other single in the first week alone, and has been placed on multiple Spotify editorial playlists. More important than anything, music has brought her immense artistic refinement and personal growth as she embraces the journey for what it is and not just the destination.