Kate Cosentino Keeps It Smooth As Butter on “Emergency Contact”

Indie-pop artist Kate Cosentino is dishing out another worthwhile single with “Emergency Contact,” out March 4. Following the release of January’s “Prettiest Girl In The Room,” which earned her a feature in Rolling Stone India, Cosentino isn’t loosening her grip on her fiery ambition to change the industry as we know it. This latest track, the first single off her upcoming EP Note to Self, is her kicky way of telling her significant other just how deeply she cares for him without actually saying the word “love.” It’s fun, freeing, and smile-inducing — mimicking the moment when you feel yourself falling head over heels for the first time. Listeners can hear resemblances to Lawrence the band, Sammy Rae & the Friends, and Vulfpeck.

In a world full of people who will do anything to avoid conflict or anxious situations, Cosentino takes the time in this track to reveal her solidarity. Instead of asking her partner what she really wants — that is, if he sees wedding bells in their future — she opts for a less risky question: can she put him down as her emergency contact? Humor manifests itself through the intense relatability, and anyone born in the last two generations will feel this track in their bones.

“Emergency Contact is THE non-committal millennial/Gen Z love song. For me, I wanted a song that could immediately make me and anyone who happens to see me perform laugh together. This song is my favorite to play live because it always gets people laughing, and if I can make someone’s night a little more fun — then I’ve won!” – Kate Cosentino

Cosentino sat down to write a song similar to the humorous soul-pop stylings of Lawrence the band, but she came out of it drenched in a fun-loving world of her own. Cosentino’s silky vocals effortlessly float over groove-infused bass from Scott Mulvahill and booming brass from Chase Carpenter, Jack Warren, and Sam Merrill while love flutters through the air with no intention of slowing down. Drummer Matt Bubel and guitarist Tim Galloway complement each other nicely all throughout, and producer Rocco Florentino helps bring this track to its flawless form. Co-written by HTHAZE, “Emergency Contact” oozes with life and everything beautiful we seek from it. Luckily, a music video that will depict this deep affection is on the horizon.

More about Kate:

Kate Cosentino is a woman of subtle nuances and a plethora of dad jokes. She encompasses wit and sass while balancing the profound ability to speak on behalf of the struggles of others for the mere proposition of opening up conversation. Born and raised in Kansas City, Cosentino has always had an affinity for strong storytellers and jazzy hooks since the beginning. Influenced by powerhouse women like Regina Spektor, Norah Jones, Phoebe Bridgers, St. Vincent, and many more, Cosentino has found that the best voices are authentic ones. Through songs like “Dirt On It” which deals with the struggles of a trans-child, “Starving For Love,” an unassuming ode to the damaging effects of eating disorders, and “Just Remember” which details a loved one’s journey with Alzheimer’s, Cosentino’s art is undoubtedly cultivated by a deep desire to share stories and share them well. Refusing to shy away from tough subject matter, Cosentino also refuses to abide by all-too-elusive genre pigeon-holing. In this way, her sound is something of genre-bending soulful bliss. With one foot in the pop shallow end and the other in the jazz deep end, Cosentino is only worried about one musical detail: shredding.

Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, and working on her post-grad EP which features songs from her adolescent dabbles in love and relationships at Belmont University, Cosentino is hard at work to finally release a cohesive body of work under her name. Nevertheless, Cosentino isn’t just a woman of musical talents but entrepreneurial ones as well. Aside from releasing a fully-funded EP without the help of a label or management company, Cosentino writes for Songlorious and Songbird City where she is able to create personalized on-demand songs for a variety of occasions and content creators. Her artistic talents have been recognized by initiatives like the Nashville Ballet and Bluebird Cafe’s Emergence Series as well as the Johnny Mercer Foundation’s Songwriters Project. Her accolades and personal goals run long, as the founder and creator of her own guitar strap company, Big Chick Energy, and even the humble recipient of the Taco Bell Scholar award. Kate’s biggest claim to fame is writing an original song for American Girl Doll’s doll Tenney Grant which is featured in the official books, products, and video game. In her free time, Cosentino enjoys roller skating, endless TikTok scrolling, and dreaming of being the first female band leader for any broadcast talk show.

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