Michael R. J. Roth “Just Keep Breathin’”

Michael R. J. Roth has been called “a cool dark troubadour…not unlike Townes Van Zandt” with songs known for intriguing imagery and “deep, profound truth.” He is a three-time lyric winner of the The Great American Song Contest, and lyric winner of the NSAI Song Contest, the USA Songwriting Competition, the Dallas Songwriters Association, the Austin Songwriters Group and the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest. His song “Gone Gone Gone” written with Eric Ramsey was a Grand Prize Winner (second place) in the 2021 Dallas Songwriters Association Song Contest. Lori McKenna called him “Brilliant.”

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Michael R. J. Roth
Song Title: Just Keep Breathin’
Publishing: Michael R. J. Roth
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Publishing 2: Songs For Easy Heroes
Publishing Affiliation 2: ASCAP
Album Title: The Ruins Of Our Age
Record Label: Songs For Easy Heroes

Record Label:
Songs For Easy Heroes
Michael R. J. Roth
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