Xander Hayes Releases Summer Jam-Ready, “Cooler,” As His Country Radio Debut

South African native Xander Hayes absolutely rocks his Country radio debut, Cooler,” with a shout-a-long chorus and an infectious beat.

The 27-year-old is taking a chance and embracing a genre he loves. With several Afrikaans Pop hits (“Aardbewing,” “Blus My,” “Jy Oortref My”) in his homeland to his credit, Hayes is ready for a change.

“There’s an honesty and passion to Country music that’s hard to find anywhere else,” Xander explains. “And I’m a country person at heart – and I love this song. It has a feel-good, summertime vibe that gets in your head and doesn’t let go.”

“Cooler” was written by Nashville hitmakers Bill DiLuigi, Derek Alldredge and Kathie Eidson. The track was recorded at The Hit Factory in Pretoria, South Africa, and produced by respected music man Murray Lubbe (Jo Black, Appel, Demi Lee Moore). Behind Xander’s vibrant vocals, Lubbe sets the pace on drums, while world-acclaimed guitarist Juan “Floors” Oosthuizen ramps, riffs and shreds.

Lisa Smoot of Jerry Duncan Promotions believes “Cooler” is the record that will launch Xander’s career to Country audiences. “The timing is perfect,” she notes. “It is a super high-energy, summer jam-ready song that’s roarin’ to go. We’re very excited to be working with Xander on this record.”

Music lovers can purchase “Cooler” HERE now.

Fans can learn more about Xander and stay social on his Website, Facebook and Instagram.


Born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa, Xander’s been singing since he was a kid, making his first paid appearance at Pretoria’s Montana Family Market at the age of 15 and earning $70. There was no going back and, too young to be admitted to night clubs, he began playing festivals around South Africa at every opportunity. With a singularly rich vocal tone, a powerful three-and-a-half octave range and plenty of hard work (he studied diligently with coach Carle van Deventer and still uses the Brett Manning system). Xander’s voice is a remarkable instrument – and he’s made a name for himself in his homeland. He’s enjoyed chart and radio acclaim under his birth name of Xander Joubert with several Afrikaans Pop hits (“Aardbewing,” “Blus My,” “Jy Oortref My”) to his credit. He is currently at work on an EP of Country songs. A dedicated husband and father who hunts, fishes, butchers his own game … and quotes Winston Churchill, Xander is also a skilled archer.