Mac & Shrout “Cry From My Soul”

“Cry From My Soul” is about the internal war a veteran goes through post deployment. We wrote this song almost 20 years ago at the end of our enlistment in the Marine Corps. The battle within is the hardest battle to fight. Whether or not you have been to combat, this is a song everyone can relate to. Struggle is struggle, and it’s real. We hope our song not only connects with our listeners, but also becomes a positive and relatable outlet for them during their times of struggle. We have used alcohol (heaven in a glass) to self medicate and “drown in heavens grace” leading to destructive paths. Veteran suicides are at an estimated 22 a day and that’s not including all other suicides that happen due to the internal struggle. We hope this song not only brings awareness, but also maybe helps someone say they are “crying from their soul” and need help. Thank you for lending us your ears. Our EP should be released by next month and available for purchase.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Mac & Shrout
Song Title: Cry From My Soul
Publishing: Mike Shrout/Ryan McIntosh
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Cry From My Soul
Record Label: Joint Venture Studios

Radio Promotion:
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