Stefan Kristinkov “Summer Forest”

Stefan Kristinkov Releases Latest Project, “Clarinet Vibe” (EP)

New York City eclectic composer Stefan Kristinkov’s second solo project, “Clarinet Vibe” is available everywhere on September 28th. “Clarinet Vibe” explores the idea of limiting the timbral diversity to achieve the maximized aesthetic and emotional impact. The EP features a clarinet, vibraphone, bass guitar, and a drum set to create five tracks in Cross-over Jazz (Jazz Fusion) style, magnetizing listeners to its incredibly diverse music.
Known primarily for his work in independent films and as a clarinet player with an extensive international performing background, Stefan’s music is characterized by its inventiveness in using unexpected musical elements.
Blurring styles and genres, Stefan Kristinkov reveals his sense of curiosity, allowing him to continuously explore new ideas and pursue unique creative solutions.

For more information on Stefan Kristinkov and to hear the “Clarinet Vibe”, visit his website:; and search your favorite music streaming app.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Stefan Kristinkov
Song Title: Summer Forest
Publishing: Heemrec Music
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: Clarinet Vibe
Record Label: Ulterground

Record Label:
Ulterground Records
Boris Coelo