Singer-Songwriter Hebron Releases Hounding New Single ‘Bitter Fruit’

Singer-songwriter Hebron is back with his latest single ‘Bitter Fruit.’ ‘Bitter Fruit’ is the 6th installment of his debut solo album American Heat. Written, recorded, and produced by Hebron and mastered by Grammy-nominated Justin Shturtz at Sterling Sound, American Heat is an ambitious project of tracks with accompanying videos that connect to a greater storyline.

The sixth chapter ‘Bitter Fruit’ is a haunting and driving song about the weight of life’s decisions. This can be heard throughout the single with the use of Hebron’s hounding bluesy guitar lines and roaring vocals. The video is a cinematic western, filled with biblical imagery & shootouts that outline the finality of decisions and their Consequences.

Watch ‘Bitter Fruit’ here

Hebron on the album and recording process:

“The album is ultimately about hope, but to get to that place you have to know where you are. I put my ear to the ground & this is what I heard. In the pandemic, I returned to Arkansas to record in the house I grew up in. It had been abandoned, and it can be an intimidating place, especially at night. Because there’s no cell phone service and the area is so remote, I’d have to go with a shotgun….but maybe that adds to the weight of the music.”

Growing up in rural Arkansas, Hebron started his musical endeavors from a young age. By 2012 Hebron and his brother released an album that reached the Top Rock charts on iTunes, receiving placement in a feature-length film as well as BBC coverage about

American elections. 2014 saw the two team up with tech company Featuring.Me and Workhorse Productions to create the world’s first truly interactive album, allowing each user the ability to select between thousands of options for every track.

Now solo and with plenty more tracks to be released, follow Hebron’s socials to be the first to hear Chapter 7 of ‘American Heat’.

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