Rubygld Smoke Empowers Listeners to Live with “No Filter”

Rubygld Smoke’s third album No Filter is categorically compelling in every way. From the first song off of the record, “Power,” the Chicago-based duo sets a refreshingly unapologetic tone. In nine tracks, singers Dani Jo and T.L. Williams find inventive ways to infuse earworm-worthy hooks and infectious melodies wherever they can. From, “No Comparison,” a groove-heavy number about moving forward from past relationships more confident, to “Can’t See Us,” a brash track with a driving rhythm and inspirational message to “Water,” a silky-smooth song about persevering through fear, the duo was intentional about highlighting their authentic selves in an aspirational format. Inspired by legends like the Neptunes, Timbaland and Missy Elliott and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Williams explains that at the end of the day, they “had one criterion for this album: make them move!” By offering listeners flavor, candid lyricism and slick production elements, No Filter is easily empowering and a considerable demonstration of the duo’s raw talent.
Aside from proving their musical chops once again, Rubygld Smoke explains that the record was also inspired by their venture into the world of e-commerce. “No Filter is the soundtrack to who we are as a couple, individually and as entrepreneurs. It is also a nod to the launch of our newest venture Shateria Beauty.” Shateria Beauty is an online natural hair care company that delivers wash-day boxes directly to customers. Filling a niche in the market, the duo are already seeing promising strides for their company. The two share that Shateria Beauty recently partnered with Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator program and is set to be featured in the virtual marketplace of Essence Festival’s Beauty Carnival this year. “It’s essential that we say how we feel, love our skin, hair, culture and do what we love to the fullest,” Dani Jo says. “Often, people put a filter on life and experiences because of fear of being judged. This album empowers listeners to be confident, take risks and most of all be themselves.”

More about RubyGld Smoke:

Entertaining the masses with their retro pop music and making marriage look sexy again is only a slice of what this iconic power couple has to offer. Terrance and Dani Jo Williams (RubyGld Smoke) are the entrepreneurs of Quiet Kingdom Recordings and Quiet Kingdom Media Group (film company). The duo is also the founder of Symphony Of Change Inc. – an arts education organization dedicated to equitable arts enrichment programs throughout the US. When Dandria “Dani Jo” Williams met her husband T. L. Williams in early 2014, it was clear from the jump they were made to do something big together. Their undeniable chemistry was evident even as T. L. embarked on an initial solo career, garnering over 3 million streams with hits like “Gettin Mo Money Than You” and “Melanin”. Meanwhile, Dani Jo was a behind-the-scenes contributor through the entirety of T. L.’s 6 album solo run, co-writing songs and adding vocals. The couple, feeling like it was finally time, has now come out front together with an eclectic mix of pop-soul energy a la “Rose Royce”.