Rob Georg “This Old House”

Country music has always been regarded as an American sound bred in the southern regions, but if fans have learned anything from the likes Keith Urban, Country Music can come up from anywhere in the world. Which leads us to the German cowboy himself, Rob Georg.

Like many, Rob Georg wrote out a bucket list and on top of catching a plane from Germany to Nashville to work on his vocals. In the middle of crossing that item off the top of his list, he met singer-songwriter, Kristin K. Smith. Encouraged by her words and moved by her actions, Rob Georg started to record and publish music. Under her guidance, and with the help of a handful of other talented folks, Rob Georg started down a musical path and never looked back. That was in June 2018. Since then he released a string of stellar Country Singles that instantly impressed fans and critics alike.

Very few would imagine a cowboy from Germany, but Rob Georg just doesn’t wear the label, he lives the lifestyle. He spent the first chapter of his life as a professional equestrian athlete. Today he is just a simple man with a song in his heart and on his lips that lives on a ranch with his nine dogs, 50 sheep, a herd of Angus Cattle and almost two dozen horses. His songs are a reflection of the life he leads and the stories he lives to tell. All in true country fashion.

On January 24th, 2020his Debut Album did drop. He has been charting in the US in October at #1 on the National Radio Hits AC-40 Charts with Carry The Wind for three weeks and also has been on position #1 on the US Western Region AC Radio Charts and #4 on the National Radio Hits Charts with his song This Aint My First Rodeo earlier this year. His song Dust was another #1 in the National Radio Hits Charts early 2020, followed by his song “Ghost”, which is topping these Charts again at the moment. The NMW Magazine showed him on the cover in June 2019.

The year 2020 started good for the Countrysinger he received the New Music Award in the US in the category Breaktrough Country Artist 2020 in March and is nominated in 8 categories for the Fair Play Country Music Award in Holland; with stage performances at the Country Music Meeting Invitational in Berlin, the Western Experience Festival, Europes biggest Country Festival in the Netherlands and the CRS in Nashville, where he rocked the stage at Alan Jacksons Bar, at AJs Good Time Bar, during an CRS After Party in February 2020. So there is no telling how far his new releases will go.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Rob Georg
Song Title: This Old House
Publishing: This Old House
Publishing Affiliation: GEMA
Album Title: Radio Cowboy
Record Label: Coast

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