Recording Artist Lauren Reno Celebrates Release of New Single “Bottle’s Worth A Dime”

Majestic Ape flagship recording artist, Lauren Reno has announced the release of her new single “Bottle’s Worth A Dime.”*  The classic-sounding, powerhouse vocalist and songwriter, who is driven more toward deeper, more sentimental storylines, changes direction with an upbeat tune that comes from an honest, but sensual place.

The third in a waterfall series of singles released as an introduction to her 11-song CD (titled GOLD RUSH, anticipated in mid-September), “Bottle’s Worth A Dime” is AVAILABLE NOW via all digital retail and streaming platforms (LinkTree) and is slated to impact country radio on August 22, 2022. (Radio promotion headed by Grassroots Promotion.)

Written by the Nevada native alongside husband/producer Ben Reno, and recorded at Majestic Ape Studios, Soul Train Studios, and Pentavarit Studios in Berry Hill, TN, “Bottle’s Worth A Dime” pours on the charm to extend a flirtatious invitation to share a little private time with a lover. Simplistic production sets the stage for the singer’s vocals to become the spotlighted focal point.

“I have a tendency to write moody songs or sad songs. It was kind of refreshing to tap into a different emotion and vibe to write ‘Bottle’s Worth A Dime,” said Lauren Reno. “Recording the track was as equally exciting because I got to be a bit saucy, which is really a different avenue for me. The song title kind of puts a playful spin on `penny for your thoughts;’ I’m willing to share a bottle and spend a dime for his time!”

I’ll grab the whiskey, you close the door

I wanna know you a little bit more

Let’s take it slow I wanna do this right

Wrapped in your arms tonight

This bottle’s worth a dime

but your time it is

It’s worth everything baby, everything

There’s plenty here to do, but I just want you

You’re my everything baby, everything

The gold miner’s daughter of Cherokee Indian descent followed the family tradition. She spent her early twenties working long hours at the local mine; songwriting and performing became her muse.  Lauren’s “old soul” songwriting style is derived from the music she listened to in her youth (Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash), and her knack to belt out a tune roused by the talents of one of her personal favorite performers, Martina McBride.

The new release continues the momentum generated by her previous releases, “Don’t Think” and “Crooked Smile.” The corresponding “Bottle’s Worth A Dime” music video was shot in the old west town of Gold Creek Ranch, Reno, Nevada (Lauren’s former home turf). Directed and filmed by Chaz Mazzota, the flick can be viewed on various digital broadcast channels including Lauren’s YouTube Channel. AristoMedia spearheads the video promotion campaign.

Song title: “Bottle’s Worth A Dime”

Label: Majestic Ape

Produced by: Ben Reno

Distribution: DistroKid

Radio Promotion: Grassroots Promotion

Video Promotion: AristoMedia

Run Time: 2:35

Lauren Reno is an American country music artist, songwriter and musician of Cherokee Indian descent. Born in rural Nevada, and the daughter of a gold miner, Lauren’s musical palate was cultivated by the sounds of Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Martina McBride and that of her father, Eddie Dimock, who was signed with Capitol Records in the early 90s.  Earning a paycheck, Lauren worked long shifts at the local gold mine; as her creative respite and muse, she wrote songs and performed at local wineries and honky tonks cultivating her craft and satisfying her creative passion.

Characterized by her big, powerhouse vocals, old soul storytelling and contemporary delivery, critics have described her music as a “blend of outlaw country and Americana-Folk roots.” 

She released her debut EP, titled SEASONS (under her maiden name Lauren Dimock), in 2015. Produced by Adam Palmer, the acoustic recording project was featured on various playlists. 

She met her husband, Ben Reno (a musician, composer and producer), in 2017; she, Ben and their two young children now call Music City “home.”  Lauren and Ben are co-owners of Nashville’s hit-making recording facility, Majestic Ape Studios. 

Lauren has spent the past decade writing and tracking songs. She released a series of singles including “Don’t Think” and “Crooked Smile” in April and June 2022; she continues her momentum with the release of “Bottle’s Worth A Dime” as an introduction to her full-length recording project (GOLD RUSH) due September 16, 2022. The 11-song CD was produced by Ben Reno and recorded in Nashville at Majestic Ape Studio and Pentaverit Studios.

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