Recording Artist Bovian Is Making Grief Sound Good

Bovian’s “Love You To Death” has been picking up listenership and starting conversations about love and loss during these unparalleled times. It’s the featured single from his debut EP released this week entitled “Dom Bovian”, an homage to his recently deceased partner and confidant, Chris.

“Love You To Death”, Bovian’s new single has debuted this week at Top40 and AC/Hot AC radio formats.

Bovian describes the single as “… a love letter of a song that follows two lovers on their journey from first encounter to their untimely departure.” It’s bouncy pop flow full of familiar and simultaneously unexpected instrumentals which includes strumming guitars and dusty brass hooks takes you on a journey through sounds of a mash up of memory lane and a desert horseback ride. Given the unprecedented circumstances surrounding 2020, Bovian has been proving his chops with social-distanced rooftop performances for his neighbors in the surrounding buildings of Seattle’s popular Capitol Hill neighborhood streaming several of the recorded performances online for his growing fan base and is upcoming “Tour Around Town” in collaboration with other artists and performance venues who have struggled to stay in business given the utter vacuum of live events this year. More details on these streaming shows will be released soon. Bovian is currently in the studio recording a full length album with his collaborator and producer, Trevor Watson to release the complete work by summer 2021.

Visit Bovian online. Fans may purchase music online from dozens of digital retailers including, iTunes and Amazon.

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Bovian is on a journey to fulfill the promise he made to his dying soulmate and closest friend, Chris – to share his passion for music with the world. After two decades of writing songs and playing music as a private, personal hobby, Bovian released his first extended play album, “Dom Bovian” on the anniversary of Chris’s death in August, 2020. The album title is named in reference honor of Chris “Dom” (pronounced: dome) – the Polish word for home, and “Bovian”, the nick-name that he and partner Chris called each other. This collection of songs is a sampling of the full-length album that Bovian is currently recording. Each song creates a scene for the listener as they join Bovian on the raw and emotional journey of the grieving process through familiar pop/rock beats accompanied by unique and often comforting sounds.