Rebecca Angel “Thoughts & Prayers”

The NY based singer, songwriter and performer released her debut pop, jazz and Brazilian influenced LP, Love Life Choices in 2021, which features on her original composition “Thoughts and Prayers”. Boldly expressing the fears, anxieties and frustrations taking hold as random shootings and the killings of innocents in America keep us all on edge, Rebecca Angel emerges as a powerful, eloquent voice of her generation with the release of her single “Thoughts and Prayers.” Penned by Rebecca and produced by veteran jazz/R&B artist/producer Jason Miles, the track is a masterful work of self-reflection that urges us all to look in the mirror at what we as a society have become. In an extraordinary breakdown section, Rebecca hits the heart of her message and hypocrisy and inaction after each fresh tragedy. “Thoughts & Prayers” from the always amazing Rebecca Angel is set to shine at radio during this final quarter of 2021.

Music and lyrics by Rebecca Angel
Rebecca Angel – Vocals
Jason Miles – Keyboard
Jonah Prendergast – Guitar
Reggie Washington – Bass
Brian Dunne – Drums
Jason Miles – Producer
Jimmy Bralower – Mixer
Mike Fossenkemper – Mastering
Michael Burke – Photography
Karin Haslinger – Cover Art
Timeless Grooves Records

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Rebecca Angel
Song Title: Thoughts & Prayers
Publishing: Rebecca Angel
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Love Life Choices In 2021
Record Label: Timeless Grooves

Record Label:
Timeless Grooves
Tom Mazzetta
Radio Promotion:
Mazzetta Promotions
Tom Mazzetta