Natalie Nicole Gilbert “Wrapped Up In A Dream Called You”

Natalie Nicole Gilbert is a voting member of the Recording Academy with nine (9) solo albums and an additional twelve (12) singles to her credit, and first appeared on the Grammy ballot in 2013. In addition to her music, she has more than 10 years in broadcast radio as a radio host and voiceover talent, and has done national commercials for McDonalds, Cadillac, Quiznos, and other well-known brands. She built her home recording studio in 2005 when it was still a relatively new practice, and continues to produce and co-produce her own music. Shes also a session vocalist for the Dublin Studio Hub, and film and TV composer with Music + Pictures, whose credits include Law and Order, The Office, and many others worldwide. She brings her extensive knowledge of what is radio ready and what is easiest to license for film & TV to her own acoustic and electric songs.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Natalie Nicole Gilbert
Song Title: Wrapped Up In A Dream Called You
Publishing: Harbor Road Entertainment
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Wrapped Up In A Dream Called You
Record Label: Harbor Road Entertainment

Record Label:
Harbor Road Entertainment