Mercury Messiah “Sunlight Surfing”

Mercury Messiah is a new , up and coming band from Montreal Canada. The band was founded by childhood best friends Johnny Dims (vocals) and Mano Diles (guitar) in 2015, where the boys started writing music together at 13 years old and have cultivated an inseparable bond along the way. Alex Brunel (drums) & Corrado Johnston (bass) joined Mano and Johnny to complete the formation of the band. Mercury Messiah infuses a wide spectrum of eclectic genres that funnels through a classic/hard rock filter. Their music is explosive and dynamic that is filled with overdriven guitars, soaring melodies, and thunderous drums.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Mercury Messiah
Song Title: Sunlight Surfing
Publishing: Mercury Messiah
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Sunlight Surfing
Record Label: Dovetail Entertainment

Record Label:
Dovetail Entertainment
Michael Barbee
Radio Promotion:
Loggins Promotion
Paul Loggins
Loggins Promotion
Paul Loggins