Marty O’Neill Keeps The Music Going In New Single “Play It Again”

Following the release of his debut single, “Stand Right There,” folk singer-songwriter Marty O’Neill has released his newest track “Play It Again.” The new release stems from his upcoming debut EP releasing April 2022, Stand Right There. With its effortless vocals and acoustic backbone, “Play It Again” is an easy listen that describes the enjoyment of friends’ company. Marty shares the track was inspired by a time where he and a group of musician friends were up until the earliest hours of the morning, never wanting the music to stop:

“Imagine two bands playing in your kitchen after a gig.  That happened in our kitchen in the summer of 2019.  We host a ‘house show’ each year and Willie Morrison and his band were our ‘starving artists’ from Nashville.  Their fiddle player, Alex Ruiz, and our family friend (and extraordinary banjo player) Levi Austin sat around our kitchen table with the five other members of our band, and we played until the early morning.  That’s one of the reasons people play music – a community of like-minded musicians jamming!  We just kept playing it again.  Meant as a fun, upbeat, song a full band should play.” – Marty O’Neill

Marty O’Neill is an artist, vocalist, and songwriter based in Annapolis, Maryland. Growing up in a family of musicians, he spent his childhood singing in church and school, expanding his craft to performing, guitar and songwriting as a release valve for expression.  His sound is shaped by artists he grew up listening to like James Taylor, The Eagles, Crosby, Still, Nash and Young and John Hiatt, as well as more contemporary artists like Ray LaMontagne, Nathaniel Rateliff and The Avett Brothers.

A published author with 4 books exploring culture and leadership in business, Marty is an amazing observer of people, well-versed in communication and the human condition. As a songwriter, Marty uses his knowledge and experience to craft moving stories of humanity, love, and life lived to the fullest.

Marty’s upcoming project Stand Right There, inspired by his mother, features 4 introspective tracks that reflect on his early years and subsequent events that have added depth and richness to the rest of his life. The EP is scheduled for release in April 2022.

Be sure to check out Marty O’Neill’s newest single, “Play It Again” on all DSPs today and stay up to date on Marty’s upcoming EP, Stand Right There.

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