Maria Diebolt’s Sultry Pop Single “Lock U Up” Explores Toxic Love

Pop artist Maria Diebolt returns with the first song in a new series of songs on relationships and their deeper undertones. Releasing on September 23, ‘Lock U Up’ is a heartfelt track that vocally and musically exudes comfort and warmth. Written during the beginning stages of a relationship that she ultimately found to be toxic, she explores the anxiety around waiting and the kind of power unhealthy attachments hold on your heart. Waiting for messages, having second  thoughts about their intentions, and assuming the worst things while still hoping that it all will work out in the end, Diebolt sings, “Looking back at all the hard times that we went through. You’re worth it all, there is nothing I would undo”.
“Releasing this song means so much to me. It’s the first one from a long list of songs that I wrote while going through a pretty rough time in my life. I hope this song, along with the others to be released soon, will help people feel like they’re not alone,” says Diebolt. “Unhealthy relationships can make you feel like you’re the only person struggling and that no one will understand or help. One of my goals with music is to let people know they are loved; they are not alone; they are powerful; and to use their voice to speak up for themselves and their beliefs.”


Maria Diebolt, an Indianapolis native, has gained recognition on a global scale for her intelligent compositions and captivating vocals over the past few years. She has been singing onstage since the age of 3 and began songwriting at age 10. She is a member of Alpha Chi Omega and the International Singer Songwriters Association. She performs locally as a solo act, duo and also performs with the band The Bishops.

Her music reassures the listeners that they are not alone, they are loved and they are powerful enough to use their voice to speak up for themselves.

Maria is the winner of several national and international songwriting competitions. Her song “Boy, Bye” won Best Pop Song from World Songwriting Awards in Fall 2020 and her single “We Are” was named a winner in the Great American Song Contest in the Pop/Top 40 category as well as received a World Songwriting Award first place in 2019.