Limberlost “See What You Want”

See What You Want” – The high energy single off the newly released album “Good Fight” from acclaimed rockers, Limberlost.

Limberlost is an Award Winning American rock band from Seattle, WA. Behind the crushing vocals of Krystle Pyette and mesmerizing harmonies of Brittany Lauren, the band, consisting of Ricky Dunn on Guitar, Ben “Thor” Beman on Bass, Anthony Ciarochi on Keys and Michael Burt on Drums, use captivating hooks and tenacious grooves to grab your heart and invade your soul. A troop of 6 vastly different origins who bind together as one, and rise from the mist to permeate every song and performance with passion, love and raw energy.

Limberlost in a very short time has piled up an impressive list of accomplishments. Their newest album “Good Fight” has already racked up three different “Best Rock Song” awards and also propelled them to two “Best Rock Band” awards. Their songwriting and branding has attracted a very impressive team. International Producer Timothy Eaton, Brand Manger Platinum Winning Drummer Paul Crosby from the band Saliva, Engineer/Producer David Mark of Crash Bang Boom Production and distribution by Von Artists LTD. LLC Portland/Tokyo . Limberlost’s timeless catalogue is just getting started.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Limberlost
Song Title: See What You Want
Publishing: Limberlost Music LLC
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Good Fight
Record Label: Limberlost Music

Record Label:
Von Artists LTD
Larry Toering
DMK Publicity
Denise Kovalevich
Paul Crosby Management
Paul Crosby