Lake And Lyndale Reminisce About The One That Got Away On “Could’ve Loved You”

Country/Americana band Lake and Lyndale tell a heart-wrenching story with their stunning new single, “Could’ve Loved You,” out March 18th. This epic follow-up to their acoustic 2021 EP, In the Nude Vol.1, is the first taste of what the band has in store for listeners in 2022. At its core, this track reflects uncertainty and regret through a golden-toned hue as front-woman Channing Marie reminisces on a romance that could’ve been the one. She explains that “everyone has that one relationship or person who still crosses their minds from time to time even if it ended for the right reasons,” and deep dives into the uncomfortable emotions that resurface in response to those fleeting thoughts. The band channels the genre-defying elements of artists like Fleetwood Mac that incorporate a variety of sounds from roots-rock to country-soul, and nods to powerhouse female country icons like Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood on “Could’ve Loved You.” The single is a powerful anthem for anyone who has ever looked back on a relationship and thought that it could’ve worked out if they had just put in a little more effort.

Front woman Channing Marie and guitarist Jon Krentz collaborated with Nashville based singer songwriter Kayley Bishop when writing “Could’ve Loved You.” Together, they were able to capture the raw emotions inherent to yearning for a once bright-eyed love with a striking passion. Krentz recounts that “from the moment we heard the rough iPhone work tape, we knew it was a special song.” The guitarist swaddles Marie’s honeyed vocals and Tyler Kloewer’s cascading drum kit with lush electric guitar lines and bright acoustic harmony throughout the track. Eric Clifford’s subby bass lines bring a deep warmth to the track and lay a solid foundation that perfectly balances the brightness of the mix. From epic choruses to a bridge that tugs on any remaining intact heart strings, Lake and Lyndale have delivered a cinematic masterpiece bound to have listeners singing along at the top of their lungs. For guitarist Jon Krentz, “as a band, our goal was to sonically match the vibe of the lyric and we hope that ‘sad/reflective’ sentiment comes across to the listener.” The band has undeniably achieved just that on “Could’ve Loved You.”

More about Lake and Lyndale:

A decade of friendship, hundreds of live gigs, and thousands of miles on the road are part of what make this Nashville based band special. With Lake & Lyndale you can expect vibrant energy, a unique chemistry and a genuine sincerity at every show. whether it’s a live broadcast at Nashville’s famed 3rd & Lindsley or a casual singalong for their YouTube series Covers in the Kitchen. Vocalist Channing Marie, guitarist Jon Krentz, drummer Tyler Kloewer, and bassist Eric Clifford are known for dynamic live shows that reflect their dedication to songwriting and musicianship. Named after cross streets in Minneapolis where they met, Lake & Lyndale’s sound blends satisfying twang with genuine warmth: part roots-rock, part country-soul. Their sound is a culmination of diverse influences (Brandi Carlile, Kacey Musgraves, Dawes, Chris Stapleton) and musical backgrounds, their goal as songwriters is consistent: “We’re just trying to make an honest connection with people,” says Marie. With singles in heavy rotation on Nashville’s 89.5 Roots Radio and around the country, they’re often compared to female-fronted, genre-defying acts like Fleetwood Mac. Marie’s quick vibrato and emotive presence conjures Stevie Nicks, but with a breadth and power that evokes iconic country artists Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert. In 2018 Lake & Lyndale released their debut EP Habits, produced by Jon Estes. In July 2019 they dropped “There’s a Weight” single along with a video featured in NPR’s Slingshot Emerging Artist Spotlight. In June 2020, they released “Still Here”. You can find their latest release, an acoustic EP called “In the Nude Vol.1” on all streaming platforms. They are currently working on new music to be released in 2022.