Kel Parker ‘You Are’

Kel Parker, a native to Illinois, now a resident of Nashville, Tennessee for 13 years. Kel has had a passion for worship music ever since he heard artist Michael W Smith years ago. Kel is a volunteer at Cross Point Church located in the heart of Nashville and surrounding areas as a worship leader, small group leader, and youth leader for high school students. Kel’s passion is serving:

“I just love people, and the best way I know how to do that is by serving. Whether it be cleaning up my community in underserved areas, leading a group of people to closer Jesus in a small group, or on a platform worshipping God, I do it all because I love God and I love His people.”

The story behind the song, You Are.:

“This song was inspired in place of thankfulness. If Jesus had not carried the cross for us, died and rose again days later for our salvation, where would we be in life What hope would we have? What mercy would God have on us as sinners? Being forever grateful for God’s promise to never leave us, nor forsake us. Being able to lift our head up every day, no matter the mistakes we’ve made in life, God forgives and loves us. This song also comes from a place of awe and wonder. Knowing that choosing Jesus in every decision you make in life is always best. God has a plan for our lives, every one of us individually. When we seek Him, He will always manifest a life that points to Him in everything we do.”
Mark 5:2534 Psalm 18:2 & Psalm 119 : 105 – NIV

Giving Thanks:

Thank you Lord for giving me the inspiration during this Covid-19 season to write this song. Thank you to my church community for providing me support and the tools to learn how to write. Thank you to Darius Fant for being over particular when tracking drums and to Shawn Gough and Chris Duncanson for taking what was in my head, and turning it into a beautifully produced song, and to Loggins Promotion for making it possible for people to hear my song. I truly am blessed. Thank you all.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Kel Parker
Song Title: You Are
Publishing: Kelvin Anthony Parker
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: You Are
Record Label: Kelvin Parker Music

Radio Promotion:
Loggins Promotion
Paul Loggins
Loggins Promotion
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