Kate Cosentino Battles Head Over Heart In New Pop Single “The Match”

Independent pop singer-songwriter Kate Cosentino excitedly announces the release of her highly anticipated single “The Match,” on November 12. With this project, Cosentino perfectly captures the feelings of bitterness and apprehension that follow every heartbreak; “The Match” approaches those hard-to-process feelings with optimism and hope, ultimately reflecting the singer-songwriter’s willingness to turn her attention from her fears towards a new adventure. Following her April 2021 release, “Parking Lot Pennies,” and having recently opened for pop icon Katy Perry, Cosentino has fans on the edge of their seats waiting to hear what she has in store next. When she posted an acoustic snippet of the verse for this track on TikTok, it went viral, quickly garnering over 85k views. “The Match” absolutely shatters any expectations fans might have for this emerging artist, from her impassioned vocal delivery to the playful, yet emotional production.

This track introduces itself with a triumphant “mouth trumpet” (another one of Cosentino’s many musical talents) melody before focusing the spotlight on her honeyed vocals. With a strong foundation in guitar, it’s no surprise that the singer-songwriter sets a subtle foundation for this track with the muted strums of a delicate acoustic; it transitions – in the chorus – to a beautifully arpeggiated, delay-kissed electric that paints a decadent harmony behind her cinematic melody. For Cosentino, this track reflected a nerve-racking time during a big life transition in which the artist found herself weary to embrace serious commitment; “The Match” was inspired by her current relationship that triggered her intuition to believe that “ he was someone worth ripping the bandaid off for.” This song is an emotional anthem for anyone who has ever felt insecure in their relationship.

Cosentino worked on “The Match” to process her inner conflict between maintaining her relationship and taking time to herself to pursue her career in Los Angeles. Prior to the overwhelming response on social media that brought on the official recording, Cosentino had shelved the song for over a year. The moderate response from her peers and songwriting professors at Belmont University seemed to indicate that this track would not catch listeners attention the way it inevitably would. Songs written at the caliber Cosentino is able to deliver will always find their way to the ears of those that need it most.