Juliana Riccardi Unplugs From the World With “Off The Map”

Americana singer-songwriter Juliana Riccardi has released her latest single, “Off The Map,” an acoustic anthem about the visceral desire to unplug from the bustle of daily life and go out and explore. Riccardi sets the tone for listeners to head out on a springtime drive with the windows down and see where the road takes you. The song’s delicate and sparse opening grows into an emotionally driven landscape with building layers of rhythm, harmony, and power resulting in a cinematic story. “Off The Map” is the final chapter of her two-song series, The Nashville SessionThe song is available to stream and download now on all digital platforms.

Chasing her distinctive Americana sound, Juliana Riccardi tinges “Off The Map” with folk influences, which, accompanied by quintessential warm, soulful vocals, create a whimsical song that leaves you aching for change. The song’s playful nature reflects on the wish to switch off devices and pause the draining go-go-go mentality of everyday life in favor of reconnecting with ourselves and what makes us happy. A veiled, delicate nostalgia emerges, which Riccardi recalls through her childhood, in a melodic beat over acoustic riffs and percussion whose encouragement shakes listeners away from the vicious cycles of modern life. Reminiscing on simple, small moments of gratitude and connection with ourselves and with nature, the song is a reminder of the blissful moments of finding fulfillment in mindful, grounding gestures. “Off The Map’s” whimsical, dreamy nature is anything but unrealistic or distant: instead, it is a reminder of how unplugging can be as simple as going for a walk, asking questions like, “When was the last time you walked in the rain? Listened to the birds and their sweet serenade?” encouraging listeners to reconnect with their inner child and letting go of everyday pressure.

“I used to run in thunderstorms with my sister as a kid. We felt alive and genuinely happy to be outside – even in the rain,” explains Juliana Riccardi. “Today, we’re too busy to go for a walk! In my (conscious) adult life, it’s become a commitment of mine to balance work with more play, to enjoy the freedom of getting offline, going outside, and experiencing the present moment.”  The single serves as a reminder that so much of our daily anxieties disappear with a digital detox. Plugging off from the rest of the world, the track effortlessly reconnects us to our true selves.

Blooming out of a time of change and embracing the thrills of new, fresh experiences, “Off The Map” is the second half of Juliana Riccardi’s The Nashville Session recordings, a project born out of what she defined as a ‘perfect mixture of risk and preparation.’ The 2-song series began with “Right On Time,” which received praise from champions like Billboard, Americana UK, and Rock & Blues Muse. Recorded mostly live across an eye-opening, three-day trip bustling with creativity which gave Riccardi a groundbreaking studio vocal performance, she reflects that “Nashville was new to me, but I had a feeling of home there during those three days. It was a big risk going there with all the ‘firsts’ happening at once, but they aligned.” Co-produced and mixed by Nick Bullock, a producer-engineer from Neal Capellino’s The Doghouse Studio (Dolly Parton, Allison Kraus, Sheryl Crow), the single features Lauren Stockner on bass and Grammy-award winner Will Hensley on guitar and piano. Hensley, known for his engineering and mixing work with artists like John Mayer, Mat Kearny, Coldplay, and Gavin Degraw, also arranged and co-produced the track alongside Riccardi, Stockner, and Bullock.

Juliana Riccardi proudly walks in her ever-evolving journey as an artist and woman– one that’s taken the New York City native to Los Angeles, where she began turning heads and bending ears. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jazz Vocal Performance from the City College of New York in Harlem and has over a decade of lead performance experience– all of which lay the groundwork for her evocative songwriting and stage presence. After some deep losses and soul searching, Riccardi found a new outlet for her voice through a stunning live band, releasing her noteworthy studio recordings and continuing her love for spontaneity on some of LA’s best original music stages. Her music has earned praise from champions like CMT, Americana Highways, DittyTV, New Scene Magazine, and several radio shows. Her music has been featured on countless playlists, including the Spotify official playlist “Healin Blues.”

“Off The Map” is a breath of fresh air in a moment of time in which the hustle and bustle become so overwhelming we lose track of ourselves. Juliana Riccardi’s folky, comforting tune draws herself and her listeners back to a state of placid joy and fulfillment. To keep up with Juliana Riccardi’s journey, follow her Instagram and TikTok @JulianaRiccardiSongs or visit her website JulianaRiccardi.com.