Josh Lambert Drops Alternative EP, Sanity

On-the-rise musician and San Francisco native Josh Lambert, has released his latest EP, Sanity, an expression of Lambert’s versatility as well as a demonstration of his non-stop rhythmic and emotional growth. Lambert fuses his elaborate rap scheme with his indie-pop singing pattern to create a seemingly effortless body of work that displays his musical prowess. From production to lyrical impact, Lambert designs a flawless perspective of reality through his eyes. Sanity is now available to stream and download on digital platforms.

Josh Lambert, who also co-produced Sanity, offers meaningful insight into his thought process and mindset that allowed him to construct an innovative project such as this one with no barriers nor limits. Starting with his edgy lyrical dexterity, combined with his alternative-indie singing style, Sanity, serves as a culmination of hard work and ingenuity. “Uh-Oh,” one of the tracks from the three-part project, exuberates Lambert’s dedication to creating a unique sound that his listeners have not heard before. With production coming from long-time friend and musician Cole Gaches, the track teeters on the cusp of an evolutionary break from the norm with abstract voiceovers and distinct rapping schemes. Another track that is sure to turn heads on the project would be “Die For,” produced by Lambert and mixing/mastering engineer Hush with guitar coming from musician Mezadeth. The pungent melody re-enforces a sense of calm whilst conveying an honest reflection of painful love. Lambert has solidified his place as a genre-bending musician on the rise, with his most recent release “On & On,” which was highly regarded by Alt Press and currently in rotation on LA’s premiere alternative radio KROQ. 

Sanity is a descriptive introspect into modern reality and the wanton of youth. You can listen to the EP on digital platforms worldwide. To keep up with Josh Lambert’s journey to the top, you can follow him on Instagram @JoshLambert00.