John Michael Ferrari’s ‘My Heart Can’t Breathe’ Catches Breath With Dance

Award-winning recording artist John Michael Ferrari again impacts the music world. His recent single, “My Heart Can’t Breathe”, is an emotional breakup song that literally catches one’s breath. Just released by Cappy Records, this pop country crossover has already heated up radio waves in the U.S. and internationally, is climbing several Top40 and AC radio charts, had a line dance created to it by choreographer Teri Rogers, and the music audience relates with a smile and a reminded heartache. The inspiration for “My Heart Can’t Breathe” came after Ferrari’s heart ached seeing a photo of himself with a loved one from years ago.

This single, “My Heart Can’t Breathe,” teases John Michael Ferrari’s upcoming January 2022 album of the same title. As with his previous award-winning album, “Be the Smile on Your Face,” it was recorded at Larry Beaird Studios, Nashville; produced by Pepper Jay; written and performed by John Michael Ferrari for Cappy Records; and includes the gorgeous background vocals of one of Nashville’s favorite singers, Tania Hancheroff.

The line dance “My Heart Can’t Breathe” by Teri Rogers is finding its way to dance floors across the globe. These beginner steps may be located on several line dance sites CopperKnob in the UK and LineDancer in the U.S.

Radio may download “My Heart Can’t Breathe” HERE

Music has been John Michael Ferrari’s life: writing, arranging, and performing. Newspapers, magazines, and award shows have been generous to Ferrari over the years. Recent accolades include John Michael Ferrari recognized Crossover Artist of the Year 2021 by New Music Awards, awarded Best Peace Song of the Year 2021 at the Hollywood Tribute to the Oscars for his tune, “Like a Rock and Roll Band,” honored with Triple A Album of the Year 2020 for his album “Be the Smile on Your Face” by Producers Choice Honors, voted Rising Star of the Year 2020 by the eZWay Golden Gala, and named Singer Songwriter of the Year 2019 at the Fame Awards.

John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay “appreciate the heart-warming responses” to their songs. “Thank you for being part of our journey.” Ferrari’s favorite expression: “There’s never a stranger in the audience!” Ferrari performs his emotional uplifting story-telling songs he has written about life experiences, his and those of others. With touches of sophistication and child-like wonder, Ferrari’s songs cross several genres.

Trivia: John Michael Ferrari is the author of “Acting with Your Eyes” and co-author of “Dynamic Song Performance, The Singer’s Bible.”

About John Michael Ferrari:
Award-winning John Michael Ferrari writes emotional story-telling cross-genre songs with touches of sophistication and child-like wonder. John Michael Ferrari writes songs about his life experiences and the experiences of others.  His music speaks to us; we can relate to the message or story in the song.  John’s album, “Be the Smile on Your Face,” released 6/15/20, was recorded at Larry Beaird Studios, Nashville.  Take a listen to one of the radio chart climbing tracks, “So Beautiful.” After a lifetime of performing other people’s songs, and at the encouragement of his music producer Pepper Jay, John Michael Ferrari has written and arranged dozens of original songs across several genres.  John Michael Ferrari’s first album, “My Early Life,” w/ 12 songs John wrote years ago; a  combination of country, pop, and flirtation! Born in Los Angeles, California, John Michael Ferrari’s early years were spent in San Francisco, Reno, Vegas, and Carson City.   At 15, a Judge called him incorrigible and, although John Michael didn’t know what that meant, the Judge sentenced him to the Carson City Orphanage.  John Michael joined the Army at 18.   During and after the Vietnam War, John Michael further educated himself, and communicated with others through his song performance and song-writing.   John Michael not only writes music and lyrics but he is an accomplished music arranger. He lives with his music producer of 30 years, Pepper Jay, first in Hollywood, California, and the past 4 years on a ranch in Pahrump, Nevada.  John Michael writes emotional story-telling alt country pop bubble-gum love & cross-genre songs with touches of sophistication and/or child-like wonder.  John Michael Ferrari writes songs about his life experiences. John Michael Ferrari’s music producer for over 30 years, Pepper Jay, describes John Michael Ferrari’s music as “poetry and stories put to music with unique retro sounds and emotionally piercing lyrics.”

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