Jamie Gazelle n X Boy Releases “Take The Blood Of Jesus”

Jamie Gazelle n X Boy band has been playing all sorts of venues from amusement parks to halls from the Midwest to the east coast. A five piece band that plays, as well as they look, with a message of hope and love for a people who seems to have lost their minds. Lyrics about things you just don’t hear about anymore like God is alive. Gazelle, like a cat with nine lives, has survived and has a very timely message for the unbelievers. Time is about up and then what you gonna do if you’re not on the right side of this war for souls? Come see them live and you’ll be glad you did. Touring starts in 2021. Take The Blood Of Jesus is a prayer for all of us. Again, time is running very short so please share this song with people you care about.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Jamie Gazelle n X Boy
Song Title: Take The Blood Of Jesus
Publishing: Song Puzzle Music
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: Holy Dementia
Record Label: GgiX

Record Label:
GgiX Song Intl
Jamie Gazelle
Nashuwaah Inc
Evan Duebner
512 767 0548
Keaton Enterprises Nashville
Chris Keaton
615 319 5075