Intelligent Diva “Not Making Love”

Intelligent Diva is a independent artist singer, rapper, songwriter, actress ,model and entrepreneur from Jacksonville, Florida. The current release No Justice is about flaws in the legal system surrounding police brutality. Intelligent Diva has a love and passion for music which originated from singing in the church choir , community choirs and chorus. She has always loved writing poetry and which resulted in the artist deciding to try something new by combining all of her skills together by singing , and writing and performing all of her vocals both the lead and background vocals. Music is an outlet for the artist. As an independent artist she is inspired by music from 90’s. Therefore, she loves being creating sounds that allow her to show case all of her capabilities. Intelligent Diva , currently releases all of her music under own label Intelligent Diva Music and she is represented by the MTM agency for modeling, television, film and acting. The artist is known for her singles : Boy-shorts, Submit To You , Lo Que Me gusta , Ice Cream, and Sexy Walk. Currently, she is releasing 2 singles with both a radio version and explicit version for her new singles Not Making Love, and Operating Room. She will release a EP titled Inside the Operating Room on 02//14/21 . The artist states the EP and singles are not intended for an audience under the age of 18. In March she will be releasing a dance EP on March 20,2021.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Intelligent Diva
Song Title: Not Making Love
Publishing: Chincia Kenner
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Operating Room
Record Label: Intelligent Diva Music

Record Label:
Intelligent Diva Music
Chincia Kenner
Radio Promotion:
Megabuzz Music Promotions
Victor Hart
Megabuzz Music Promotions
Victor Hart