Grammy-Nominated Songwriter Will Jordan Proves Good Guys Finish First

WILL JORDAN, Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, known for penning hits for icons like Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo and Iyaz, is branching out as a soulful artist with his new EP BE GOOD, set to release on October 13, 2020.

BE GOOD is written entirely by JORDAN and produced by award-winning producer E. Jones (Rapsody,Talib Kweli, T.I., Ludacris) and includes appearances by Amber Navran and Farnell Newton. It is a collaboration of spirits and stories that transitions Jordan from his hip hop and pop roots to a more R&B-inspired sound with lyrics driven by events taking place in the U.S. and in his own life.

“This project for me was a way to get the emotions out, to be real, be honest,” explains JORDAN. The songs just wrote themselves.”

The eight tracks take listeners on a journey into the raw and genuine emotions JORDAN was feeling while creating this album. JORDAN blends his background in creating beats and combines it with his love of pop, to create a painful but elegant sounding release; a cohesive story that will be told and visualized through each song.

The first single, “Back to Me”, tells the story of second chances in love and life. It is currently impacting radio and is available across all streaming platforms.

“With everything happening this year (2020), life is not going to stop,” shares JORDAN. “People are going to keep going. How do you survive, how do you deal with financial struggle, heartbreak, career, life? Being black you can’t just be regular. You have to be amazing just to get by.”

After being told his entire life he would never make it as a vocalist, JORDAN is a living testament to the phrase: “if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” That he did. After embarking on great success as a songwriter penning the hook in Nicki Minaj’s “Fly”, featuring Rihanna, and garnering his first American Music Award and Grammy-nomination, it wasn’t long before he was often found sleeping in the recording studio after spending nearly 24 hours recording and producing, perfecting his craft. He followed his heart, his passion and it caught the attention of A&R Executive Tommy Rotem. Rotem took JORDAN under his wing and shortly after, JORDAN was being sought after by some of the biggest labels in the industry to be signed as a solo artist. But wanting to stay true to himself and his music, he stayed independent and is proving when you stay authentic and honest, good guys do come in first.

JORDAN reflects on his EP saying, “This industry is tough. It pulls you in so many directions but I want people to walk away from my music feeling like they know me, they can identify with me and be inspired to keep going and striving for greatness.”

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