Fadi Awad Featuring Nicole Carino “Into The Groove”

Fadi Awad is a Canadian Multi-Awards Winner Music Artist (Songwriter, Music Composer, DJ, Producer). He’s in the Industry since 1986. Studied music and orchestration, High Studies in International Business Management, and holding a profile full of Valuable Records and Honorable Titles. He worked in many top radio stations and night clubs, and played in many worldwide music events. He introduced many music genres to several markets. He achieved many successes and was behind many successful projects. His presence in the Industry since 1986 helped him from every genre that popped up, that’s why he composes many good music genres successfully! Fadi is a true One-Love international artist who worked with many big artists and Celebrities from several Countries in many Art projects! When he was working in Lebanon, he played as a DJ in the Top radio stations and night clubs there at that time. He was the 1st Artist/DJ there to do a remix for a Big Legendary Artist in 1994. And he was the 1st Artist/DJ there whose classical English pop song (Music Is My Lover) was remixed to several dance versions by many famous international producers, as well as he was the 1st Artist/DJ there whose tracks were charted in Top National Western Charts (USA, Germany, UK, France).

In Canada, his releases that were done straight before 2014 were fabulous: His album “Feel The Beat” had 9 out of 11 high charted tracks worldwide! And his album “Ultimate Selection” had 11 out of 14 tracks highly charted worldwide, including 5 tracks that topped their charts! His single “Phoenicia” reached Number One in 5 charts and was highly charted in many others! It was distributed mainly by “Create/Ingrooves”, which was at that time the exclusive manager of Universal Music Group’s digital catalog! Premiered on Coast2Coast Mixtape “EDM Edition vol 5”. Published in audio on MTV, and in video on VEVO, Youtube, Yahoo Screen, Daily Motion, and more.

In 2014 Fadi Awad has done his first step into Hollywood Music and Movies! The film that he and Proconwire participated in doing, “Stranger At The Pentagon”, won the Award of The Best Science Fiction Short Film in Burbank International Film Festival and in 2015, won The Remi Award in Houston International Worldfest film festival. Back to 2014, Fadi’s song “Free Your Mind” was nominated in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards! And in 2015, Fadi won the overall Silver Medal Award in the GLOBAL MUSIC AWARDS, and was the only DJ/Producer between the finalists bands (April 2015), and the first Dj/Producer to win it from BRITISH COLUMBIA – Canada, and from MENA. The year in which he was also nominated for the best Electronica/Dance Artist Award in the Ai Music Awards for the second year in a row. His track “Ambient Easter” was also nominated for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards. Fadi also was selected between the top 10 international artists in the LA Music Award’s 25th Anniversary. His track “We Are Here” won the Nominee Certificate in the American Songwriting Awards and reached UK’s Songwriting Contest’s Semi-Final stage. His song “Searching” reached the Semi-Final (Top 30) of Australia’s Songwriting Contest. Fadi also won in 2015 the Title of the Best Multi-Genres Music Composer.

In 2016, Fadi won the Award of the Best Holiday Song in The Hollywood Songwriting Contest 2015 which results were displayed in May 2016, with his song “Christmas Is Here” featuring the top American singer/songwriter Marcie, and this achievement was published on top American Media Institutions such as FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, Wall Street, USA & Canada Report, and many more. His release “The Dancefloor Killer” was supported and published by the same top Media Institution. The release lead Juno Downloads Charts in its genre and reached Beatport’s Pop Top 10 as well as was charted in Germany’s top 100 Dance Charts, nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in the Dance category, and WON THE BEST DANCE SONG in the Akademia Music Awards! This achievement was also published on top American Media Institutions. Fadi also won for the second year in a row the Nominee Certification in the American Songwriting Awards, and this time with his Dance track “Time Traveller”. Notice that in this contest precisely, the “Nominee” is a winning category. His song “Go Slow” featuring the famous Sharon May Linn reached the Semi-Final stage of UK’s Songwriting Contest, so he is there for the 2nd year in a row as well. He is also nominated for the Ai Music Awards for the 3rd year in a row. Fadi also was named the Artist of the month (June 2016) on Control Radio UK as well as the Deep House mix of his track “The Dancefloor Killer” was selected the best track of the month there.

2017 was a great year for Fadi! His track “We Are Here” won in The Global Peace Songs Award, and his track “I Will Never Fade Out” won the Dance Trophy in Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

In 2018, Fadi’s Epic 3 releases were very successful: “The King” and “Nobody Knows” reached The NUMBER ONE in The European Indie Chart! “Nobody Knows” was also charted in the National US Airplay Charts as well as in The College Top 100 Indie Charts! As for the remix EP of “Never Fade Out”, it was charted most of the Summer on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs Chart. This release contains remixes done by top Billboard Remixers who remixes for Superstars.

In 2019, Fadi’s release “Reach The Sky” was charted on Billboard and in The European Indie Chart and on top digital stores. He also won 2 Trophies in The LA Music Video Awards, in his first rticipation with his video clips in a visual contest. As well as his track “Raise My Dust” won The Award of The Best Music Score in Las Vegas International Film Festival & Screenwriting Competition. His track “We Are Here” won The Award of The Best Song in The Canadian Cinematography Awards, He won the Best Music Video Awards in “The Living Legends 2019”. His track “To Glory Land” has won The Best Music Score Short Film Award in The “5 Continents International Film Festival”, his song “Reach The Sky” has won The Grand Jury Award and his track “Waves” has won The Honorable Mention Award in The “Oniros Film Awards”.

In 2020, his song “Release” lead the MTV USA’s Hot 20 Chart. His masterpiece “To Glory Land” has won The Best Music Video Short Award in Palermo’s Eurovision Film Festival. He also won The Best Composer Award in The American Golden Picture International Film Festival. His track “Release (Big Room House Mix)” has WON The Award of The Best Remix and Web Tube Length Video in “Accolade Global Film Competition”. His Score “We Are Here” won The Award of Excellence for the Original Score category in The “Best Shorts Competition”. His score “To Glory Land” won The Award of The “Best Musical Short” in “Kyiv Film Festival”. His score “We Are Here” won The Best Music Video Award in The EURASIA INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL in Moscow, Russia. In this year too, Fadi has done and released with his collaborators an Official remake of Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall”.

In many good music styles, Fadi has been and still working on producing, launching, promoting and managing big Art projects and events with celebrities, alone, and with many existing and new talented international artists and industry professionals worldwide. “I’m not competing with anyone, I’m just adding my flavour to the Industry and ready to collaborate with all who are seriously interested” said Awad. To know more about Fadi’s career, news and achievements, check out his posts & photo albums that are updated continuously.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Fadi Awad w/Nicole Carino
Song Title: Into The Groove
Publishing: Fadko Universal
Publishing Affiliation: SOCAN
Album Title: Into The Groove
Record Label: Fadko Universal