Eric Dodd Releases “Love’s Been Waiting On You”

Country singer-songwriter Eric Dodd releases his new single, “Love’s Been Waiting On You.” The vulnerable country-rock release is about the sincerity of an infectious relationship you’ve been waiting on while the other person is currently dating someone else. The song is an upbeat, feel-good song lyrically describing the curiosity of a love you’ve been chasing. What are you waitin’ on. Are you waitin’ on that phone to ring. Cause I’ve been waitin’ all night long to buy you a drink. Just wait and see where it goes. Might hit you right out of the clear blue. While you’ve been waitin’ on love. Love’s Been Waitin’ On You.’


Eric‘s nostalgic tune is based on how he convinced his wife that what he’s been waiting for has been here all along. ‘”Love’s Been Waiting On You” is about finally telling someone that they need to give you a chance. It’s a rockin’ country tune that tells the true story of how I asked my wife on our first date. It took some convincing, but I’m a persistent guy, and I’m sure glad she gave me that shot. Our 9-month-old baby boy, Parker, does too, says Eric.”

The power of a country song can lead to something coming full circle. There is no other genre that is able to tell the stories that country can, which rings true to Eric’s writing “Love’s Been Waiting On You.” The lyrics of the song assure listeners that a special someone in your life is worth the wait, and they’ve been there this whole time.

The rising country artist co-wrote the song with Thomas Archer (Luke Combs, Mitchell Tenpenny, Jason Aldean) and Bruce Wallace (Trace Adkins, Dierks Bentley). “We wanted to capture that feeling of knowing you love someone and just making them realize that you’re right here ready for them, and you have been for a long time. Our goal was to make it feel good but rock at the same time, and my producer, Dylan Maloney, nailed it.”

Its catchy melody, relatable lyrics, and seamless combination of country and rock musical styles create a unique blend that characterizes Eric’s artistry. “Love’s Been Waiting On You” resonates with listeners through the upbeat tempo, highlighting the powerful emotions of falling for someone.

“This is my favorite song I’ve recorded to date. It was such a blast recording this one. We laid all the tracks down live together, and I just love the energy of those sessions where we are all working up parts and being creative as a band. Sonically, we were intentional not to overproduce and make sure the story cuts through but also makes you sway in a rock n roll kind of way,” says Eric.

Throughout Eric’s career, he continues to gain national attention as the CMT Discovery Artist and craft his artistry by playing more than 100 dates a year throughout the southeast. His musicianship and energetic stage presence have led him to open for Sam Hunt, Old Dominion, Jake Owen, Cole Swindell, Rodney Adkins, and many more. Using a wild theme that speaks to the heart of a Friday night, Eric seamlessly blends country, rock, and pop as he continues to embark on an impressive run of success.


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About Eric Dodd

Eric Dodd grew up in Greensboro, Georgia chasing two things: golf balls and guitar. He had a passion and natural gift for both. He earned a golf scholarship to Georgia College and State University, where he majored in business. When he wasn’t playing in golf tournaments, he was playing in frat houses with his band. He eventually transferred to the University of Georgia to pursue a music business degree and immerse himself in the fertile Athens music scene (R.E.M, Drive-By Truckers).

But in the end, it was lyrics over links that brought him to Music City.

In 2016, Dodd gained national attention as a CMT Discovery Artist, but he honed his craft playing more than 100 dates a year throughout the southeast performing in clubs, SEC colleges, and music halls where his likable personality, feel-good lyrics, musicianship, and energetic stage presence earned him a faithful following in a region with strong musical tastes and a deep pool of talent.

“I aim for my shows to be high energy and want to connect with each person in the audience,” he explained of the years spent playing gigs and sleeping in a van to make ends meet. “Music is an escape from reality, and I want to give people that and take them on a trip during the hour I get with them.”

Since moving to Music City, Dodd has opened for Sam Hunt, Old Dominion, Jake Owen, Corey Smith, Cole Swindell, Rodney Atkins and recently for Sister Hazel, which was especially meaningful. “Opening up for Sister Hazel’s sold out show at the Georgia Theatre in Athens (Georgia) has to be one of my favorite moments on stage,”  Dodd offered. “I earned my music business degree from UGA so it was one of those full circle moments.”

His musical journey has him weaving seamlessly between Country, Pop and Americana, with themes that speak to the heart of Friday night, as well as Monday morning.  As a songwriter, he can be sweetly nostalgic and equally rambunctious.

“The Reason,” released in June 2018 has gone on to garner more than 4 million streams across the various music services.  It was included in multiple playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora and YouTube.  The video, which features Dodd’s wife, was featured on CMT’s “Must-See Indies You Need To Know” and the “12-Pack Countdown.” Wide Open Country called the song “heartfelt and anthemic.”

Dodd is a romantic with a wild side. Dodd also sang and co-wrote the theme song for “Wild Outdoors,” the longest running series on The Sportsman’s Channel. Dodd has also leant his talent to the Georgia Music Foundation, which supports cultural enrichment and music education programs in his home state.

Often writing four songs each week, Eric’s songwriting prowess has led to success with his songs being recorded by artists such as Colt Ford, Spencer Crandall, Allie Colleen, Kalie Shorr, Anslee Davidson, and the Dutch country superstar, “Waylon” plus more.

“Whether it’s writing songs or playing shows, it’s all about getting to the people and keeping in touch with them,” said Dodd.

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