ellakate’s “If You Want Me To” is An Emotional Ballad that Keep Listeners Company

“If You Want Me To” is the newest alt-pop single from up-and-coming artist ellakate, that undisputedly comforts listeners as a loved one and a friend. The song takes you on a journey of ellakate’s love for her friend – from daydreaming of romance to letting them go so they can be happy. Reminiscent of artists like Billie Eilish, Lana Del Ray, and Amy Winehouse, ellakate’s intimate, sultry vocals play against an emotionally soothing groove that audiences find captivating and honest. “This song is special to me because it is one of the first times I was able to write about my personal feelings and experiences,” says ellakate. “I know it may seem odd, but I really would have helped my friend get with their crush just to see them happy.” As the second single for the brand-new artist, “If You Want Me To” showcases the lyrical prowess and emotional intelligence of the young singer who has written hundreds of songs since her childhood, exploring topics that coincide with the journey of growing up and finding love. Finding the magic in storytelling and songwriting, ellakate is a breath of fresh air in the musical climate, writing from the heart in a mature, yet cheeky way while dealing with topics that we all find ourselves dealing with from time to time.

Ella Greenbaum, artistically known as ellakate, is an alternative pop singer-songwriter born, raised, and based in Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up with musical parents with a knack for creating music and performing, ellakate found a passion for music that went beyond driving her siblings to listen to her melodies as a child. “When my dad first explained what the song ‘Brandy’ by Looking Glass was about, I discovered the magic of storytelling in songwriting. I have been singing and making up songs for as long as I can remember,” shared ellakate.

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