Drew Smith “The Truth”

I call this my confessional set to music. It is, surprisingly, a love song and an apology. It is about deep betrayal, personal shame, grief, lies and, yet, also about the realization that you can be the messy person you are and still be wholly loved – if you let people love you.

Drew Smith is a RIAA certified gold record songwriter, based in Nashville, TN. He is currently nursing a broken heart that is all his own doing (listen to the song and you’ll see). He has written songs recorded by Meryl Haggard, Kevin Denny, Randy Houser and so many more. He toured across country for two years earlier in his career and has done his share of time playing Broadway, but this is first real radio artist debut. He is very excited to get this out into the world!

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Drew Smith
Song Title: The Truth
Publishing: Drew Smith Live
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: The Truth
Record Label: Drew Smith Live