Drew Smith “Exes”

Inspired by a near break up and still stunned from the blow, this song shares a man’s take on how he really feels about the idea of becoming “Exes.” The production uses Duane Allman-style slide guitar contrasted with desperate piano interjection to represent the back and forth of the negotiation between this former couple. RIAA Gold songwriter Drew Smith has written with the best in Nashville and has performed all over the country with some of country music’s top talent. This single is not one to miss! “Exes” is co-written with Rob Snyder.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Drew Smith
Song Title: Exes
Publishing: Drew Smith
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Publishing 2: Rob Snyder
Publishing Affiliation 2: BMI
Album Title: Exes
Record Label: Drew Smith Live