DisasterTheory Talks About Destination Nowhere And COVID19

It’s been almost a year since the release of DisasterTheory’s debut album “Dying Side of Life” and the band has been hard at work on the next full length release “Destination Nowhere.”

In the middle of the band working on the new album, there have been some band member changes and additions, but the band has stated that for the most part, the thing that has hindered some progress is the current COVID-19 pandemic.

DisasterTheory’s lead singer, Mark Thomas said “ya know, it is what it is. We have a responsibility to the people who are afraid. In some aspects we are just trying to do our part. We have families and friends and some of them are scared too. So we haven’t been able to get together the way we usually would and write the way we normally would. We’ve been writing from our individual homes and recording in the same fashion, but I can’t lie, the creativity and chemistry of getting together to do these things has been slightly affected.  It’s hard to build that chemistry through text messages and messaging platforms. Without a doubt it can be difficult writing an album together when you’re not actually together in a space and able to bounce ideas off of one another and rely on everyone getting, reading, listening and responding to messages timely.”

The band has also had to place the second half of their film shoot for the official video for “West Virginia” on hold temporary due to the pandemic. “When you have a video shoot that requires a crew, police and ambulance services and you throw in a viral pandemic it tends to be a combination.  We’ve had to put the film schedule on hold until some state restrictions are lifted.” Thomas said.

DisasterTheory has released a pre-order sale for the new album, and did so when the schedule wasn’t affected by the pandemic. Due to the delay the pandemic has caused, the guys have decided to add a bit of value to the pre-order package and said that every CD that is pre-ordered will be autographed and the package will also include an exclusive t-shirt (available in the pre-order bundle only).

“We’ve had to be creative in the ways we interact with fans and how we offer them content and music while we figure out ways to deliver a new album and new music.” Thomas said.

The guys in DisasterTheory have assured that they have a lot of material for the upcoming album and as soon as the pandemic restrictions are lifted enough to allow them to convene into their rehearsal space and studio, they will be working hard to get the new album finished up and released.

Until then, you can still enjoy their current album Dying Side of Life