Dave Herrera Releases New Song & Music Video, “My First 69”

Cali-country artist Dave Herrera has released a new song and music video, “My First 69,” a tribute to his first love – a 69’ beautiful, red Chevy Chevelle. The song is now available here.

The official music video for “My First 69” premiered on www.VentsMagazine and can now be seen here. Shot in Herrera’s garage on his ranch in Sacramento, CA, and in the surrounding public areas by drones, the video follows the story of a 15-year-old kid hustling to afford a Chevelle that he sees as his key to freedom on the open road. “My First 69” is directed and produced by Shaun Lupton and co-produced by Herrera himself. Co-written by Dave Herrera and Cory Coppin, the video hits close to home for Herrera. “My First 69” was inspired by his own story as a kid dreaming of owning the broken down 69′ Chevelle across the street.

Herrera elaborates, “My mom ended up buying the car for me as my first vehicle. She told me that once I got my driver’s license and got the car running, I could drive it to school. So, I spent all summer working on getting my driver’s permit and getting the car in basic running shape so that I had transportation – I still own the car to this day, and that is the car in the video.”

With catchy lyrics like, “Drive you fast, baby / Pump your brakes slow / Hear the roar of the engine as the tires burn down the road / Have your grill shined up / Girls lined up begging for a ride / But we’re leaving them behind, you’ll always be my first 69’. The video capitalizes on fast beats, electric guitar riffs, and the use of hilarious characters to capture the innuendos in the lyrics and make it the ultimate work of art for car enthusiasts, country music lovers, and anyone in need of a smile.

Herrera currently has three previously released singles circulating streaming platforms today “Visiting Nashville,” “Boys Were Back in Town,” and “Hollywood Sign.” His latest, “Visiting Nashville,” was inspired by an unforgettable trip he had in Music City and recounts how visitors can feel the essence of country music flowing through the streets as they enjoy the touristy honky-tonks and roof-top bars. The song was written by Herrera and Cory Coppin and produced by Jeff Balding in WestRoc Studios in Sacramento, CA. The single has a video on YouTube that currently has 300K+ views. The video can be seen HERE.

Released last year, his first single, “Hollywood Sign,” told the story of a couple ending the night sitting on the famed Hollywood hillside as city life carries on below. Herrera released a music video for the song in the City of Angels itself and already has accumulated 250K+ views. The video for “Hollywood Sign” can be viewed HERE.

Herrera is currently in the studio finishing up his debut full-length release. For more information on Dave Herrera, visit www.daveherreralive.com and follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

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