Cynthia Renee “Working on a Hangover”

California native, Cynthia Renee, is a fierce, hardworking mother of two making her break into the country music genre. Influenced by the styles of Olivia Newton-John and Carrie Underwood, Renee adds her own twang to the standard country sound with a bit of ballads in her music. Her songwriting is based upon the love of her family and first hand experiences throughout her life.

In Cynthia Renee’s latest single, “Working On A Hangover” she sings a familiar story about finally being through the long week: “But I’m all worn out and I need a break. Tonight there’s just one change I wanna make”. This fun and upbeat country song is sure to make you lift up your drink and start “Working On A Hangover”.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Cynthia Renee
Song Title: Working On A Hangover
Publishing: Cynthia Renee
Publishing Affiliation: Other
Publishing 2: Dustin James
Publishing Affiliation 2: Other
Album Title: Working On A Hangover
Record Label: Evolution

Record Label:
Cailsey Scott
Radio Promotion:
Alan Young Promotions
Alan Young