Christos: From Movies To Music

Christos Shaw is a pop artist with an edge. Growing up in the entertainment industry, Christos loved performing, and started acting and singing from a very young age. Being the astounding performer, it didn’t take Christos long to start booking roles in television movies. After working in the film industry for a decade, Christos’ life-long love for R&B and pop music pushed him to pursue the career in music he had always dreamt of. In 2018, he began co-writing his debut EP. In April of 2020, the independent record label, “Appreciated Music” promptly signed Christos.Christos

Now, with ever growing confidence and skill, Christos readies himself to take over both US airwaves and streaming services around the globe with the release of his first single off his upcoming EP, “Boomerang.” “Boomerang” was produced and recorded by Darren Grahn, who has worked with such artists as Metallica, Motley Crue, Veruca Salt, and Bon Jovi. He has also worked as an engineer with famed producer Bob Rock. In addition to Christos Shaw, this special New Music Weekly issue is all about the best independent artists and bands out there today. Please take a very close look through the magazine that will underscore what is really going on in that arena. We applaud all of the off label artists and their efforts & we hope by this particular issue we are able to add and assist many in their music journey.